BJP’s Assurance On Gairsain An Eyewash, Says Congress



As the state government prepares to hold Assembly session at Gairsain in December, the Congress has launched an attack on the BJP over the issue of permanent capital status to Gairsain.Situated in Chamoli district, Gairsain assumes much significance as the state agitationists have been seeking permanent capital status for it. They believe their demand is in consent with the popular sentiment behind the creation of the state. Congress MP Pradeep Tamta said yesterday that the BJP’s assurance to make Gairsain summer capital was just an eyewash.Tamta went on to assert that the previous Congress government had ensured necessary infrastructure for make Gairsain summer capital of the state. He accused the ruling of BJP of dilly dallying on the issue and appealed to all the political parties to mount pressure on the state government.


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