First Made-in-India Engineless Train Gets On Track For Trial Run


The first train set conceptualised, designed and manufactured completely in India, which looks like a bullet train, will be released for trial in a week’s time. A train set is a rake which is self-propelled and does not need a locomotive, said Sudhanshu Mani, general manager of Integral Coach Factory (ICF) which has designed and manufactured the train set, known as Train-18, at a cost of Rs 100 crore. A second rake would be ready by March, with costs expected to reduce as more rakes are manufactured.

Built for a quick intra-day travel on Shatabdi Express routes like Delhi-Bhopal, Chennai-Bengaluru and Mumbai-Ahmedabad, the sixteen-coach train has the latest amenities and can cut down on travel time by 10-15%. The train has better acceleration than conventional trains as it has 50% more power and is equipped with a smart braking system consisting of regenerative and electro-pneumatic braking imported from Hungary.


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