Governance Democracy& Politics (GDP) Magazine’s Special Issue on CSR Hits Stand


Today Responsibility and Sustainability is the buzzword for each and every organization, whether it is a Government Ministry/ department, Public sector company, MNCs or even Private Corporate. In fact the new Company law 2013 also mandated to share some part of the profit for the wellbeing of the society in form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contribution by all the companies including MNCs and private companies. For Government and Public Sector Companies this becomes much more important as it is their prime responsibility before profit to give back to the nature and society whatever they take from them.

In accordance with motto of Governance Democracy and Politics (GDP), monthly English Magazine to Enlighten, Enrich and Educate the society, magazine has come out with this state of the art SPECIAL ISSUE ON CSR THAT WILL HIGHLIGHT THE “REAL PERFORMANCE AND CONTRIBUTION” OF VARIOUS “RESPONSIBLE INSTITUTIONS 2016” OF THE COUNTRY. That being the reason Governance Democracy& Politics (GDP) Magazine has decided to come out with first-of-its-kind Special Issue on CSR that will do a deep dive into this crucial subject and how Indian Inc. is looking towards this “mandatory obligation.” What was more encouraging is that fact that, 3139 companies have spent whooping Rs 8803 crore on CSR during FY15, which is 74% of the prescribed CSR expenditure of Rs 11883 crore. Surely, a giant “first leap” of India Inc. by any standard.

Format of Special Issue on “Responsible Institutions of India”

As far as the format of this Special Issue is concerned, it will include various Public sector companies, MNCs, Private corporate, etc. that works in cohesion in building a robust and sustainable society to create a strong and prosperous country. This Special Issue will displays and collate interesting facts and database of money spend by Indian Inc. on CSR along with efforts that these organizations have taken to make country and society a better place to live in.

It has a regressive database of CSR Expenditure of 5000+ corporate including PSUs, Private Sector and MNCs for FY 2015-16 and will highlight various initiatives done by Public Sector Companies (PSUs), MNCs and Private Companies in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy conservation, Power, Health, Education, Sustainable development, etc. Also it will highlight the vision of management in the fields of Sustainable Development and Responsibility to make India a better place to live.  In making this endeavor a success, we are thankful to Ministry of Corporate Affairs, whose officials were always ready to help outside world to provide information regarding CSR to the outside world and put it in public domain.

This Special Issue on CSR in second of our endeavor to the readers and corporate after “Annual PSU Handbook 2015” that GDP had came out with last year and provided lucid data of 230+ public sector undertakings (PSUs) operating in the company.

Though this issue is now available on stands, yet if you find any difficulty in getting the copy then you can order your Copy of this State-of-the art issue by either calling or mailing on the following:

Phone: 9540335555, 9718024620

Hope you would like our humble effort in the area of CSR and also looking forward to your feedback on the issue.

Amit Bhanot
Managing Editor
Governance Democracy& Politics (GDP) Magazine