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Major emphasis was laid towards taking up various projects under Swachhata Programme and these concerted efforts resulted in an expenditure of Rs 1,542.30 million for such projects during the year 2016-17 across the country. With a view to create health infrastructure the company contributed Rs 801.60 million and Rs 2,001.80 million towards different type of education & skill development related projects. 

ONGC as a responsible corporate has always been committed towards creating a conducive environment to bring about an inclusive growth in the society. Company is fully engaged in ensuring equitable and sustainable growth specially in the area of its operations besides complying with government directives to discharge its social responsibility as a leading Indian corporate.

It is for the first time in the history of ONGC that the CSR expenditure has exceeded Rs.5,000 million and funds required for continuing with some of the Projects in the next fiscal year is Rs4,010 million. Out of the total CSR budget of Rs. 5,356.66 million for the year 2016-17, the expenditure is Rs. 5,259 million, which includes, additional overhead expenditure of Rs. 87.4 million towards salary of officers/ personnel dealt with CSR on full time basis. This translates to overall utilization of 98.18% of the CSR budget. Rs. 97.66 million are unspent during the year FY 2016-17.

Major emphasis was laid towards taking up various projects under Swachhata Programme and these concerted efforts resulted in an expenditure of Rs 1,542.30 million for such projects during the year 2016-17 across the country. With a view to create health infrastructure the company contributed Rs 801.60 million and Rs 2,001.80 million towards different type of education & skill development related projects. Apart from Health and Education, project worth Rs 748.50 million have been implemented in North Eastern Region, Rs 113.20 million was spent towards projects for empowerment of women and project worth Rs 152.90 million were undertaken for welfare of SC/ST.

Details of Important CSR projects implemented during the year 2017-18 are as follows:

  • Healthcare Initiative:

Multi-Specialty Hospital at Sivasagar: The multi-speciality hospital project at Sivasagar named after the first Ahom King of Assam Swargadeo Siu-Ka-Pha  is the biggest ever CSR project undertaken in the history of ONGC CSR. Prior to taking up the project, Pricewater House Cooper (PWC) was engaged to survey the health care scenario of Sivasagar and upper Assam. As per the Detailed Project Report submitted by PWC, it was found that entire upper Assam there was a bed deficit of 961 beds and in Sivasagar alone there was a bed deficit of 589 beds. Further, Sivasagar has only 0.52 hospital beds per 1000 population, much lower than national average of 1.1 beds per 1000 population. After thoroughly analysing the alarming health care scenario of upper Assam, ONGC Board accorded approval for setting up a 362 beds Multi Specialty Hospital at Sivasagar to be implemented in three phases at an estimated cost of Rs. 316.09 Cr.

  •  National Cancer Institute, Nagpur:

The National Cancer Institute at Nagpur, will be 455 bedded quaternary care oncology centre. The centre will provide comprehensive cancer treatment, patient care and research through sustainable charity. In addition to providing general cancer care, the institute will also create specialty groups of highly skilled professionals. The institute also plans to start University recognized training courses for nurses, paramedical staff and medical fraternity including super specialty training in Oncology and PhD programs. ONGC has extended support of Rs 100 Cr for construction of first, second floor and procurement of medical equipment for radio diagnostic facilities.

  • Restoration of Kunds and beautification of Iconic places:

ONGC took the responsibility of cleaning and beatification of four famous Kunds of Varanasi namely Durga Kund, Lakshmi Kund,  Lat Bhairav, Karim Kund at a cost of Rs 11.46 Cr . Hon’ble Prime Minister himself inaugurated the Durga Kund   and Lakshmi Kund at Varanasi and was all praise for ONGC. The project is being implemented in partnership with National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd and Nagar Nigan Varanasi.

  • ONGC Skill Development Institute at Ahmedabad:

Skill Development Institute, Ahmedabad, was inaugurated on September 23, 2017 by Union Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan. The first batch of 90 students successfully completed the course in Fitter Fabrication, Industrial Welding and Technician (Production) after going through a   six month residential training at the premises of ADS Foundation. The placement letter were handed over by Director (HR) of ONGC on 16th April 2018 to all 90 students.  From next year onwards, the number of trades will be increased from three to nine, benefiting 780 youth during the year 2018-19, through ONGC’s training partner ADS Foundation.

  • Revival of Samskrit Language 

In the years to come nation may experience a new wave of Samskrit popularity, foundation of which is being laid through this CSR project of ONGC. With an objective to revive the Samskrit language by developing user friendly content ONGC partnered with Samskrit Promotion Foundation in preparation of text book from primary to higher secondary classes, teachers training material, workshops, samvaadsala training in spoken English, research on Samskrit education and publication of journals, development online content and many more activities. An amount of Rs 10 Cr has been sanctioned for implementing the project in Two Phases.

  • ONGC Solar Street Lights project: 

ONGC with a mission to light up the remote villages of our country has installed more than 7500 solar street lights across the country at a cost of Rs 14.0 Cr in the last two years. To take up this mega project ONGC has engaged MNRE recognized partner and shall also ensure maintenance of these street lights for 4 years through AMC.

  • Development of Model Village in Mangalajodi, Odisa

Mangalajodi, a tiny village located on the brackish water of Chilika lake in Odisa has been a silent host to thousands of migratory birds from across the globe. They have protected this magical bio-diversity for centuries, where the birds, buffaloes, insects and the fish creates a harmonic eco system. ONGC is the first company to have taken up a holistic approach to develop this hamlet into a model village. An amount of Rs 6.31 Cr has been sanctioned towards undertaking these projects.

  • Varisthajana Swasthya Sewa Abhiyan:

This flagship CSR project of ONGC implemented in partnership with HelpAge India has succeeded in providing door step medical treatment to more than one lakh elderly citizen, women and  children  through  Medical Mobile Unit in the operational areas of ONGC. The project was initially launched from 2010 to 2016 with 20 MMU’s. However, considering the number of elderly citizen being benefited through this project, ONGC Board has sanctioned, 11 new MMUs in the year 2016-17 in addition to the existing fleet of 20 MMUs for serving the community in the remote areas for another three years till 2019.

  • ONGC Super 30:

ONGC has set up a Super 30 centre at Sivasagar to train 30 aspiring students every year to get admission in IITs and other premier engineering institutes of our country.  Two Three batches have already completed the course successfully since 2014. The fourth batch of 30 students are currently undergoing training at Sivasagar ONGC Super 30 centre. The project is being undertaken in partnership with Centre for Social Leadership. An amount of 2.77 Cr has been sanctioned towards this project since the last four years.

  • Open Defecation Free Initiative:

As part of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s dream to make our country Open Defecation Free , ONGC has taken the initiative to construct Individual Household Laterin across the country in partnership with district adminsitration and other NGOs. More than 21085 IHHL has been constructed in Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Assam and other states of the country at a cost of Rs 84.66 Cr in the last one year.

  • Clean Himalaya Initiative 

ONGC is the first company to have taken the Swachh Bharat Initiative to the Himalayas.  ONGC partnered with IMF to reach the upper Himalayas where every year tons of harmful garbage was left behind by the visiting tourist. From the mountain peaks of Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand, more than 13 cleaning expedition has been undertaken as part of “Clean Himalaya Initiative” in the last three years.

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