Power supply to rural areas improved under BJP regime: UP government



Instead of earmarking VIP zones, the state government has considered rural areas as key places for ensuring power supply, Uttar Pradesh Energy Minister Srikant Sharma said today.  “Unlike the previous government, which considered some areas as VIP zones for ensuring power supply, our government considers farmers and poor as VIP and gives 18 hours electricity in rural areas, 20 hours at tehsil level and 24 hours at district headquarters,” he said during the Question Hour in the Assembly.  He was replying to a question raised by SP member Nitin Agarwal. Trying to drive home the point that power supply has improved in BJP regime, Sharma said, “In the past two months, average power supply in rural areas is 17.29 hours as compared to 13.29 hours in corresponding periods last year, while at district headquarters the average power supply in past two months was 23.05 hours as compared to 20.29 hours in the corresponding period last year.”


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