Revenue From Mining up: State BJP Chief



Patting Chief Minister TS Rawat for taking stern measures to curb corruption in the mining sector, state BJP chief Ajay Bhatt today said zero tolerance towards corruption by the Chief Minister had resulted in the Department of Mining earning a total revenue of Rs 40.46 crore from the districts of Haridwar, Udham Singh Nagar and Nainital in April, May and June this year. Bhatt said in Haridwar, the revenue earned through mining in April, May and June was Rs 65,54,300 in 2016 whereas under the BJP rule this year, it was Rs 34,18,74,252. “The increase this year in comparison to the last year is 49.16 times,” Bhatt said.

In Nainital district, Bhatt said the increase in revenue was 124 times and in Udham Singh Nagar, it was 2.05 times. “I ask former Chief Minister Harish Rawat to take a reality check and give answers to my questions as to who pocketed the money from illegal mining. He should also answer as to who gave protection to illegal mining under his watch and why the revenue that belonged to the state was allowed to go to private people,” he said.


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