BJP Turned Rajasthan To Developed State: Amit Shah



The BJP has transformed Rajasthan from a ‘BIMARU’ state to a developed one and will now make it prosperous, party chief Amit Shah said in Jaipur today while predicting that his party would form a government in Rajasthan with “full majority”. Taking on the Congress at the press conference, he said that Rahul Gandhi’s party was involved in negative politics, promoting casteism and appeasement.

The BJP, in contrast, focused on development and got a good response, Mr Shah told reporters on the last day of campaigning for the December 7 polls. While the Congress promoted dynastic politics, making members of one family party presidents, the BJP gives importance to those who perform and work to push the country ahead, he said.

Referring to the violence in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, earlier this week, Mr Shah said it would be unfair to give it a political colour. The Congress, he added, had made allegations but things would be clear after the Special Investigation Team submits its investigation report. A police inspector and a young man were killed in mob violence that broke out after cow carcasses were found strewn in a jungle in the Uttar Pradesh district on Monday. Continuing his press conference, the BJP chief said, “The number of those who filed income tax doubled after demonetisation.”


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