Food Commissioner Sacked For Irregularities



The state government has terminated the services of Vishnu Dhanik, Regional Food Commissioner, Kumaon, for his alleged involvement in the PDS scam. Dhanik has been accused of tinkering with documents and indulging in corrupt practices in his capacity as RFC, Kumaon, leading to financial irregularities worth several crores. The SIT report suggests the scam could be worth more than Rs 500 crore. As Dhanik was given an extension in service upon retirement in December 2016, the state government today passed orders cancelling the service extension given to him in February. The orders were issued by Principal Secretary Radha Raturi. Based on the preliminary report of the SIT, several irregularities were detected, including poor quality disbursement of ration to the beneficiaries, large scale tinkering with documents related to transportation and supply of ration at Rudrapur, Kicha and Kashipur towns. Already, two officers engaged in distribution of rice have been suspended.


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