Nearly Six-Fold Jump in Electrification Pace Needed to Meet Saubhagya Targets



India needs a nearly sixfold jump in pace of electrification if the targets set under the Saubhagya scheme announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently are to be met.

The government will have to electrify about 2.7 million households every month to cover more than 40 million households in the next 15 months, as per the target laid under the scheme. The current rate of electrification is just 475,000 households per month, according to data available with the power ministry.

In the past few weeks, the government has been consistently electrifying more than 120,000 households. The rate is much higher than that seen earlier but still less than a fifth of the rate required to meet the Saubhagya scheme targets. As per the data, in September 486,924 households were given connections, up from 447,112 households in August and 338,569 in July.


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